how to tell to what sections a student belongs

Asked by Zhang Weiwu on 2010-03-11

A student's profile is the intuitive place to get a list of sections she belongs to. I could not find this information on my profile.

I can, find my calendar on my profile, which in turn finds what courses I participate, but not with which sections I participate these courses.

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Zhang Weiwu
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Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #1

They're not listed in the main page for the student under "Courses?"

Zhang Weiwu (zhangweiwu) said : #2

Sorry, I should correct my question. The question is raised by a clerk.

When the clerk is receving an email (e.g. a complaint) from a student, he wants to check what sections the student is in, but she doesn't have the student's login password. If she logs in as manager, can she check this information?

Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #3

First off, there is a clerks group which currently has most of the same permissions as administrators, so you should be able to just a make an account for her. If she doesn't have permissions as part of the clerks group to do her job, let us know.

She would do Manage > Persons & search for the person's name, then click on the name.

Zhang Weiwu (zhangweiwu) said : #4

Thanks for your answer. what to do after I clicked the name? I still do not know which section he belongs.

1) login as manger (in reality I'll change to clerk)
2) go to Manage -> Persons, click the name of Zhang Weiwu;
3) click the "sections" button on the content navigation bar, to get a list of sections he is in.

3) on the content navigation, there are a lot of functions about the student, but none offers information of his sections. Avaialble functions are:
Download Report Card
View Calendar
Edit Preferences
Change Password

Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #5

On the page it should say "Courses," with a list of his or her sections.

Zhang Weiwu (zhangweiwu) said : #6

Thanks. I kepted searching for it in content navigation as I expect it there. You are right:)