a calendar view of all courses?

Asked by Zhang Weiwu on 2010-03-08

Hello. I can go to Manage -> Person to check any individual person's calendar, but is there a way to display in calendar all the courses? This is useful for finding empty classroom or locate if a teacher is available at certian period of time. I can imagine having such feature in a public school with thousands pupils might be not readable, but very useful for training facility with a few courses going on at any given time.

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Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #1

Right now you can search for available rooms while creating events. Create a new event (click on the calendar) and check "Book resources" and then you'll get a form to search for available resources (e.g., rooms). We could make this more obvious in other parts of the interface. Ideas as to where?

We could also do something similar with people.

Basically, we could have kept refining the calendar and scheduling functionality for the past five years and never even written a student information system... at a certain point we had to move onto other parts of the application. Letting us know what doesn't work for you is helpful in prioritizing future development though.

Zhang Weiwu (zhangweiwu) said : #2

This is a bit like checking if a piece of glass exists by throwing a stone at it, breaking the glass if it exists:)

Is it true that the only way to check if a resource is avaiable is to create an event to occupy it? In small training facilities, events are created after resource, not after date.

It would help to improve user interface letting able to check availability of a resource without creating an event to try to occupy it. Though, of course, we need to prioritize what to do now and what to do in the future.

Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #3

Also, if you click on "Manage" in the links to the left of your calendar, you can select resource calendars to be overlaid on your calendar, so that might help. You used to be able to do that with groups and other calendars in the system, but that got scaled back in an effort to make the system more usable. It is something we intend to get back to at some point...

Zhang Weiwu (zhangweiwu) said : #4

Indeed. What you recommended by using resource manager on the left side of the calendar helps a lot.

In regarding to query what resource is available at given time, I will write a feature request for a solution in # 535519, to keep as memo even if we have different focus and decide to postpone fixing this.