Restore operation takes too much time to finish

Asked by Rafael Moreira on 2012-11-27


I use Sbackup to make a every day, a monthly, a quarterly and year backup. The problem is that to recover/revert a file or folder, it has take at least two hours. There is a way to do it faster? Maybe is some configuration, what can I do?


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Anton (feenstra) said : #1

This is an inherent drawback of 'tar' which is used as the low level archive format. There are possible solutions for this, but none of them easy. No solution is implemented in sbackup, but if you want to volunteer it could be.

Rafael Moreira (rafaelmoreira) said : #2

Thanks man!!

So, even being hard I'd like to try the solutions. Do u know any tutorial or can tell me the process?

Best Jean-Peer Lorenz (peer.loz) said : #3

Hello Rafael,

thank you for using sbackup. As Anton said, this is a 'drawback' of tar. The reason is that tar reads the whole archive when restoring files and this can take a long time on large archives :-(

Some time ago, I've started to work on this issue (or general performance issues) in branch 'tar-backend-improvements'. Unfortunately, I was short on time lately but I'm trying hard the become more active again. In short, the solution implemented in a *very* early and experimental stage is to split archives in order to ease use on FAT partitions and also to speed up archive creation and, in particular, restore.

If you're interested in helping I'd be glad to share ideas etc. regarding this latest developments to enable you to review, hack etc. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Take care,

nh3oh (nh3oh-com1) said : #4

Hi Folk!

Spliting the tar file (eg into 4Go) will really reduce the recovery time for a single small file ?
or sbackup will start to read all the set of split tar files before?

I'm using satifactory sbackup on debian for years but never have to recover files...
today I did it for first time => arround 1 hour just to recover a 2ko texte file from a 25Go tar file !

I don't know about software coding but if I can help and learn I'm ready to try to improve sbackup which is a nice application.

Thanks to the team!

Rafael Moreira (rafaelmoreira) said : #5

Thanks Jean-Peer Lorenz, that solved my question.

JLuc (jluc-q) said : #6

Sbackup is very easy to use and both powerfull with its regexp include and exclude.
Only drawback is the extremely slow restoration process. So slow I fear it never reaches its result. And i'm afraid that backup that cannot be restored is useless !
So as to make a faster and safer restoration, would it be possible to add a "save in a folder/and/subfolder/architecture" way option with no tar ?