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Asked by taka k. on 2010-11-12

i am quite baffled as to why i am having to ask this, but i cannot get restoring to work right.

i take daily backups. currently, i have a .ful archive from about 25 days ago, and then 25 .inc backups. i want to restore my home directory as it was yesterday.

so, i have started simple backup restore and chose the latest .inc backup, selected /home/scar for restoration, chose the restore location, and started the process.

a box popped up saying 'restoring, this may take some time...'. however it appears frozen. i have browsed to the location i am restoring the backup and it has only restored the files from the incremental backup. i have been checking the size of that directory periodically, and it has not changed at all.

so, please tell me... what is the correct way to restore my home directory to the state it was in when the last incremental backup was taken? this is for a business, so i would appreciate some quick help. thanks

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taka k. (scar) said : #1

perhaps an underlying issue is that i am using an old version of sbackup, 0.10.5. i have added your PPA and am trying to use 0.11.3. i am in the process up upgrading the backups from 1.4 to 1.5....

taka k. (scar) said : #2

after upgrading to sbackup 0.11.3 and upgrading the backups from 1.4 to 1.5 (using the CLI utility, not the GUI), i have been able to accomplish what i was after. the 'revert' function is what i was looking for. i did receive some errors, though, while reverting my home directory (to a different location). something about a file in ~/.pulse not being a file, and the reversion failed. so, instead, i just reverted the specific directories that i required. hopefully that error goes away now that the backups are being made with 0.11.3.