Only single files or empty/incomplete folders are restored

Asked by pgshuffler on 2010-10-18

I put this here because the solution is not easy to find.

If you try to restore from a backup and you get only empty or incompletely populated folders, the solution is to use the Revert (to...) button instead of Restore (to...). The reason is hidden here: .

I only found out through serendipidy after spending much time testing and trying. Maybe a mouseover tooltip or a more intuitive labelling of the buttons could be helpful.

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Anton (feenstra) said : #1

On 18/10/10 13:00, Thorolf WeiƟhuhn wrote:
> Maybe a mouseover tooltip or a more intuitive labelling of the buttons could be helpful.

Would 'Restore from Backup' and 'Restore from this Snapshot' be better?


Jean-Peer Lorenz (peer.loz) said : #2

Thanks for providing this explanation. I think a tooltip is provided.

Moreover I'm working on this issue and will simplify the process a lot. What will remain is Restore/Restore as... and nothing more. It'll be irrelevant whether a file is stored in selected snapshot or in previous one. It becomes restored as long as it's contained in the backup.

HTH, Jean-Peer.

pgshuffler (pgshuffler) said : #3

For the short term change, I'd suggest being as explicit as possible*, like

   vvv Textlabels vvv Popup Menus
Restore what: [ Complete folder content as it was on backup date | Only files backed up at backup date**]
Restore where to: [ Original Place | Select other place... ] (Go)
After clicking Go, a dialog to select the restore location can then be shown (depending on the popup menu status) before the actual restore starts.

For the long term, it might be worth considering to
- Drop the "Only files restored at that date" option (or IS there a real-world use for it?).
- Allow two distinct approaches for restore selection:
 - - select date ==> pick the file(s)/folder(s)
 - - select single file/folder ==> pick the version(s) (i.e.,of what date?)
This can be done in two tabs of the restore window, labelled "Select Restore By Date" being basically what exists now) and "Select Restore By File" (a file hierarchy to the left, available versions of a selected file on the right, or so).
Even better would be the two dimensions (folder hierarchy and time points) in a single screen -- can there be a way to achieve that, without being to plagiative (plagiatory?) to Apple's Time Machine?


* Reason: make Linux foolproof. And I DO have some experience as a fool :)
** This would make the tooltip more explanatory imo***
*** I love footnotes

olyerickson (olyerickson) said : #4

This thread is confusing; I am trying to restore from a backup and I am getting only empty folders, but the solution does not appear to be to use revert instead of restore.

They produce the same results: a bunch of empty folders...

This is really discouraging for me; I really need to prove that I can recover from an SBackup-based backup! So far, not very encouraging...

Jean-Peer Lorenz (peer.loz) said : #5

Hello olyerickson,
thanks for using sbackup. Please have a look at I really cannot confirm such behaviour. Please test it with a small set of files and directories and post your outcomes.

Best regards.

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