What is the difference between Restore and Revert?

Created by Jean-Peer Lorenz on on 2010-10-13
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Jean-Peer Lorenz on on 2011-01-26

What is the difference between Restore and Revert?

> Maybe its just me, but I find the captions Restore and Revert quite
> confusing. Even after changing files, backing up and restoring,
> reverting many times - just couldn't figure out the difference. I would
> suggest to put a simple explanation next to the button that'll help
> doing such an important task.

Indeed, it's not straightforward to understand the difference between Restore and Revert.
- Restore will restore a file/folder that you HAVE in a backup on your disk. The important point is that you really need to have it in the backup you are looking at.
- Revert doesn't need you to have the file/folder in the current backup. It will dive into older backups till the last full one to find your file/folder.

Let's take an example.

Full snapshot
     [Folder] => fileA(v0), fileB(v0), fileC(v0)
Inc Snapshot 1
     [Folder] => fileB(v1)
Inc Snapshot 2
     [Folder] => fileC(v1)

Then :
Restore [Folder] from Snapshot 2:
   *Result*: [Folder] => fileC(v1)
Revert [Folder] from Snapshot 2:
   *Result* : [Folder] => fileA(v0), fileB(v1), fileC(v1)

So Revert gives you the state of the folder at a certain date, while restore gives you the files stored at this date.