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Asked by chmg32 on 2008-06-25

Is there anyway to toggle between the sidebar and the main window in Firefox using the keyboard alone? That is, if I'm typing this, but now want to pop over and continue an IM conversation - how can I get over there without using my mouse? Can't figure out a way. Indeed, there may be no way.

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Try ALT + TAB keys

chmg32 (software-geissler) said : #2

Doesn't seem to work for me. I could see that working if I detached the sidebar into its own window. But I would rather not do that.

X-Pilot (x-pilot) said : #3

Try to press [F9] or [F12]. Or configure your own hotkey in SamePlace's "Tools" (icon with magician's hat) -> "Preferences" -> "SamePlace" tab -> "Toggle sidebar hotkey"


you can use F9 to toggle the sidebar. But I think I understand what you mean, you'd like the chat input area to also receive focus when you toggle the sidebar. That's not possible at the moment -- focusing the chat input area shouldn't be too hard, the problem would be saving where the focus was previously in the web page and restoring that after the sidebar closes. Sorry. :-(

chmg32 (software-geissler) said : #5

Yes, bard, that was what I meant - how to focus on the sidebar when open. I apologize to the others that my language wasn't clear enough - I do know how to open and close the sidebar. Anyway, I concur - the ability to focus in on the sidebar once it's opened with F12 (of F9) would be a nice addition. It's disappointing to have to still reach for the mouse when you've already accomplished so much just with your keyboard. ;)

chmg32, I implemented this in the latest devel, please try that. It does not restore the focus to the previous element. Consider it an experiment. :-) If I don't get negative feedback from other people, it will stay.

chmg32 (software-geissler) said : #7

Just installed it - it does exactly what I wanted! Many thanks, bard.