How to open link with sakura?

Asked by sharadgor on 2017-01-07

Sakura provides "open link" option on right click menu, but clicking that doesn't do anything. I guess one need to set browser=? somewhere but where and how?

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David Gómez (dabisu) said : #1

That's right. It uses the BROWSER environment variable. If it is not already configured it should be added to your bash, zsh or whatever shell configuration files your system uses.

sharadgor (sharadgor) said : #2

I forgot to mention that I already have $BROWSER=w3m set in my .bashrc, but it doesn't help here

$ echo $BROWSER

David Gómez (dabisu) said : #3

I see, right now it doesn't work with text browsers, this option was added with graphical browsers in mind (actually it kind of works if you open the link from a sakura terminal launched from another sakura teminal, but that isn't an intended behavior)

sharadgor (sharadgor) said : #4

It doesn't work with GUI browsers either, I tried after changing BROWSER to lariza and it still failed. However if I open sakura from sakura it works with both text and GUI browsers.

David Gómez (dabisu) said : #5

Do you have xdg-open installed in your system? If there isn't a BROWSER env variable, sakura uses xdg-open to launch you preferred browser. This is the best way in my opinion, instead of using the BROWSER variable.

sharadgor (sharadgor) said : #6

Yes after removing BROWSER env variable from bashrc and setting lariza.desktop as default-browser in xdg-settings, open-link with sakura works. Thanks