Shouldn't it use a generic icon?

Asked by i on 2012-10-11

Hi, sakura is great, really.
It's desktop file points to terminal-tango icon, the one sakura ships. I know it seems every terminal emulator has to have its own icon (lxterminal, xfce-teminal, gnome-terminal, Terminal etc.) but if it isn't a big issue maybe sakura should just use Icon=terminal in the desktop file so the icon changes according to the icon theme used.
Instead of having to ask every icon theme creator out there to link an icon to terminal-tango.

I didn't open a bug report because it's just a thought of mine.

Best regards.

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i (iiiiii-deactivatedaccount) said : #1

If it's ok for the author I would ask to not hardcode the window icon too.

i (iiiiii-deactivatedaccount) said : #2

Sorry, I see it's not hardcoded, it uses the 'terminal-tango' icon. In this case I would just maybe suggest the same as the original question of using simply 'terminal' instead of a custom name 'terminal-tango'.

David Gómez (dabisu) said : #3

Hi Sergio, I understand your thoughts. I just choose to add a different icon to differentiate sakura from the standard desktop terminals, and to easily differentiate sakura from other terminal emulator in applications menus and launchers. I guess other terminal emulators authors thought of something similar.

Because it's easy to change, I feel it's up to the package maintainer to edit the .desktop file. Or if you compile sakura yourself, it's just editing a single line.

But i agree with one thing, the window icon shouldn't be hardcoded in the source, but should be an option in the config file. If you want please create a bug in launchpad to keep track of this.

i (iiiiii-deactivatedaccount) said : #4

Hi David, it's fine if you want to use terminal-tango to differentiate sakura (although in my opinion all terminal icons look similar if they follow an icon theme style).
By an option in the config file you mean for people to choose the icon to use when building the app?

Maybe just instead of hardcoding the window icon, call 'terminal-tango'. This way if an icon theme has that icon it will be used, otherwise it falls back to the shipped icon.

i (iiiiii-deactivatedaccount) said : #5

I'll create a bug as you suggested.