There are any key shotcut to increase font size?

Asked by hugoruscitti on 2010-07-29

Hi, i need to know if exists any shortcut to change
dinamically the font size.

I see that exists some functions that do this, but
i don't see any handlers to asociate it to key events.

For example, functions like:

   static void
   sakura_increase_font (GtkWidget *widget, void *data)
        gint size;

        pango_font_description_set_size(sakura.font, ((size/PANGO_SCALE)+1) * PANGO_SCALE);

        sakura_set_size(sakura.columns, sakura.rows);

by the way, man page says that can be changed? why?:

    You can also increase and decrease the font size in the GTK+ standard way (not configurable):

        Ctrl + '+' -> Increase font size
        Ctrl + '-' -> Decrease font size

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David Gómez (dabisu) said : #1

The man page says it can be changed because it can be changed ;-).

The shorcuts are, as you said: Ctrl + '+' and Ctrl + '-'. I think i know what you problem is. The '+' in the numeric keypad and the '+' besides the enter key has different keycodes. Sakura only uses the one in the numeric keypad, but in notebooks that one is difficult to use (need to press the Function key...), so it'll be a good idea to add the other one. I'll create a bug report from this question, thanks.

David Gómez (dabisu) said : #2

Bug already in launchpad.

David Gómez (dabisu) said : #3