OVF or bare container format for hdp image

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Hi Savanna team,

I have a question regarding choosing container for an image. For example for the testVM image provided in UI horizon the container is bare by defalut(bare container format means the image does not have a container or metadata), however when I use hortonworks hdp plugin image for centOS which container format should I use ?I doubt if I should use bare as this image has pre populated data like hadoop-libhdfs, hadoop-native, hadoop-sbin and more.

The problem is my cluster remains in waiting state even though all the instances are active. So I wanted to make sure if using bare for the pre populated hdp QCOW2 image is fine or if it makes it useless.

Thank you.

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Matthew Farrellee (mattf) said :

The container is independent of what is in the image (i.e. centos + other stuff). If you can start the image w/o savanna, then you've imported it properly.

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Savanna (xyzxyzxyz) said :

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for the reply. I tried the hortownworks hdp savanna image for cent os without savanna, just launched a normal instance on openstack dashboard. I got the instance state as "active" but I am not getting any logs or cannot see anything on the console except for "booting from hard disk". What can I infer from this ? What can be done furthur ti deploy hdp on savanna if this is the case.

Thank You.

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Dmitry Mescheryakov (dmitrymex) said :

I believe that we upload images provided by Hortonworks with
'--disk-format qcow2 --container-format=bare'
do you do the same?

If you do it, I think that 'Booting from hard disk' is a sign that the image is broken. Try redownloading it and then compare md5 of the new and the old images.

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Savanna (xyzxyzxyz) said :

Hi Dmitry,

Yes, I used the hortoonworks image and the container format was also bare. Can you please tell me on what version of Miratins Openstack you got yours working ? I am using v3.2. Does that have an effect as Miratis 4.0 is available now.

Thank You.

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Dmitry Mescheryakov (dmitrymex) said :


The difference between Mirantis OpenStack 3.2 and 4.0 is
 - 3.2 installs OpenStack Grizzly and Savanna 0.2.2
 - 4.0 installs OpenStack Havana and Savanna 0.3

I would not expect using Mirantis OpenStack 4.0 to change anything. The problem you see right now is that instances booted from the HDP image fail to start the operating system. That is why I suspect that either the image you use was corrupted during the download, or you upload it into Glance in a wrong way. For the later I admit that disk-format and container-format seem to be the only relevant options.

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Sergey Lukjanov (slukjanov) said :

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