add root default password for hdp plugin image

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There are two VM images provided for use with the savanna HDP Plugin: centos-6_64-hdp-1.3.qcow2, centos-6-64-hdp-vanilla.qcow2. but no default root password,so i just can connect the instances lunched from these images by ssh, so i hope add default root password, how should i do ?

by the way, i can edit vanilla image savanna-0.2-vanilla-1.1.2-ubuntu-12.10.qcow2 by guestfish, and then kvm start this image ,set the default password . but this method doesn't work for hdp images, because kvm can't launch instance from the image at all.

who can tell me what i should do? thx

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Erik Bergenholtz (ebergenholtz) said :

The root password for these images is "hadoop". We are working on converting these images to be built by DiskBuilder and will be contributing scripts once this is done so that they can be further customized.

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gws (gzsgwsgwl) said :

thx,i will have a try!

your reply efficiency is very high! :)

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gws (gzsgwsgwl) said :

by the way, why i can't start the image by cmd 'kvm -boot c -hda centos-6_4-64-hdp-1.3.qcow2 -m 2048 ' which works for vanilla qcow2 image ?

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Matthew Farrellee (mattf) said :

You should add a keypair during cluster launch.

I just started a cluster using

   1b54f16008cf4cd214903725e74f178d centos-6_4-64-hdp-1.3.qcow2

and was able to connect w/ root + keypair.


   473b50c5364d02d1884238b4b9820ace centos-6_4-64-vanilla.qcow2

has an issue w/ root login -

   Please login as the user "root" rather than the user "root".

You can also verify that the images you downloaded have matching md5sums.

As an aside, I believe we're currently working on adding elements to the savanna-image-elements repository so you can use DIB to reconstruct the images, but in the absence of that you should be able to use a stock rhel or centos image w/ the HDP plugin. The only impact should be slower startup as things like the JVM won't be pre-installed.

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gws (gzsgwsgwl) said :

thx,i have logged in vm using password hadoop. regard to which kind of image to use, my feeling is also pre-installed image, to be honest launching the stock image is very DIB is a very meaningful work.

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gws (gzsgwsgwl) said :

one more question,what is password for the two images which used for savanna 0.3 "savanna-0.3-vanilla-1.2.1-ubuntu-13.04.qcow2" and "savanna-0.3-vanilla-1.2.1-fedora-19.qcow2"?

by the way, why dont give the default password when the images are published?

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Dmitry Mescheryakov (dmitrymex) said :

Vanilla images do not have passwords set. You can only access them by ssl key you supplied during cluster start-up. You can also supply the key if you just start-up an instance from the image.

If you still need an image with the password, you can build your own image with the
Just make a hack to set up a password on created image.

A word of warning: we are right in the middle of renaming from Savanna to Sahara. You might want to use a commit of sahara-image-elements which preceeded the renaming not to bump into an issue caused by it.

And one last thing: please use for further questions. We have migrated our questions and answers here.

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gws (gzsgwsgwl) said :

thanks,i grasp your meaning.

and i will notice the three advices you mentioned.