How to install Bazaar and configure it for Eclipse on Windows

Created by Johannes Wettinger on on 2009-11-21
Last updated by:
Johannes Wettinger on on 2009-11-24

* Download and install Bazaar (

* Download PuTTY (pageant.exe and puttygen.exe):

* Run puttygen.exe. Push "Generate" and follow the instructions. Select "Save public key" and save the key to a file, and do the same for "Save private key".

* Run pageant.exe. This will create an icon in the system tray of a computer with a hat (?) on it. Click on that icon. This will open a window titled "Pageant Key List". Select "Add Key". It will then prompt you for a private key file, which should be the key you generated and saved in the previous step.

* Login into and go to:

* There you have to copy your PUBLIC key into the text field and click "Import Public key".

* Now, you can choose between two different plug-ins to use Bazaar in combination with your Eclipse projects:

(1) Plugin BzrEclipse:
-- Download bzr-xmloutput (
-- Add the following update site to your Eclipse installation:
-- Follow the installation instructions:
-- After that, right-click on existing project and select "Team" -> "Share Project".

(2) Plugin QBzrEclipse:
-- Add the following update site to your Eclipse installation:
-- Install QBzrEclipse.

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