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Asked by Ramiro Pereira de Magalhães on 2013-05-02

Hi guys,

I'm trying to compile referencer version 1.2.0 in Debian Wheezy, and I'm not being able to resolve dependencies gtkmm-utils and glibmm-utils. I'm not really an experienced person in compiling my own C/C++ software. Does anyone have any idea on how to solve those dependencies. It seems that Debian Wheezy does not have them under those package names.

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Alright, answering my own questing here's a link where you can download the library. It seems it is not yet being distributed in Debian.

Oh, and you gotta compile that on your own too, but for me it was pretty straightforward.

Also, I while compiling it could not find Python.h. Had to edit file PluginManager.h, PluginManager.C, PythonDocument.h, PythonPlugin.C and main.C to change the #include <Python.h> to #include <python2.7/Python.h>.

Also, on file PythonDocument.C I had to change the reference for structmember.h to #include <python2.7/structmember.h>.

Now I'm having linking problems.

At last, the linker command is missing the inclusion of python. Adding -lpython2.7 to it solved the problem.

So, you think I should file a bug report for all that? I believe that at least the python reference in the linker command is a bug. I'm not sure if you're interested in having this thing compiling for Debian... In my opinion, you should! :-)

Mads Chr. Olesen (shiyee) said : #5

Please file a bug, preferable with a patch. I'm compiling on Ubuntu 12.10 myself, not sure why the difference is so big.
I think the gtkmm-utils might be a "lesser used package", not sure why it's not in Debian.

Regarding linking to python, my linker line includes "-lpython2.7". It might be because you have multiple Python versions installed, and configure is picking up version 3.0 or something?

Yes, maybe they'll add gtkmm-utils later... Meanwhile, you must download and compile it yourself.

Now, about all my python problems are gone. I had reported dificulty with the zipped version of the source. But since I downloaded the code with bzr and ran ./devconfigure, everything worked alright.