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Are there any plans to develop a redshift application-indicator as per the indicator-applet in Lucid? It would seem that the notification area, and thus gtk-redshift, will likely be deprecated by the time Maverick is released.

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Jon Lund Steffensen
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Jon Lund Steffensen (jonls) said :

I will gladly accept patches. It seems it'll have to be done eventually, so I'll probably get around to it even if nobody volunteers. It actually looks like it would be a really easy task to convert the current gtk-redshift script to use indicators. An interesting project for someone, maybe? I'll ask on the website.

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Lee Hyde (anubeon) said :

As I have little or no experience with programming of any kind I doubt I'll be able to help, that said I may give it a go. I must confess that I haven't read the full specifications for the indicator-applet and application indicators but it seems to me that ubuntu is begging for a specific display-indicator to house all display related settings/menus (i.e. those of redshift, compiz, gnome-display-properties, etc...).

Whether a hypothetical display-indicator could me implemented as an application indicator, or whether it would require or be preferable to implement a special system indicator (indicator-display) is beyond me. In any case, it would seem preferable to develop a unified display indicator as you could collaborate with, for example, the developers of compiz (fusion-icon needs porting to the indicator applet) or even the developers of the indicator-applet itself!

Kind Regards,

Lee Hyde

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Jorge Castro (jorge) said :

I've put out a call for help on my blog and it should hit Planet Ubuntu shortly.

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Best Jon Lund Steffensen (jonls) said :

Francesco Marella implemented this as an application indicator. It will be in Redshift 1.4.

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Lee Hyde (anubeon) said :


Thank you Francesco!

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Lee Hyde (anubeon) said :

Thanks Jon Lund Steffensen, that solved my question.