how to use rednotebook on network

Asked by Jaap on 2017-09-29

RNB wants an empty directory to store files. It does not use the directory made by another RNB on another computer. RNB on computer A does not overwrite the files made by RNB on computer B when this directory is on a network..
So syncing is not possible??
wrking n Fedora 26 and OSX 10.9.

want to use one file and edit it on different computers and save it back.


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Jendrik Seipp
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Jendrik Seipp (jendrikseipp) said : #1

Syncing should be possible, but you cannot open and edit the same month
on multiple computers at the same time.

Jaap (ubuntu-fc) said : #2

on my laptop is a RNB file. Open it in RNB and safe as in network location. In that location is an RNB file which I would like to overwrite with the new one . (this RNB file on network drive is made on an other computer)
error message: Wrong directory Please select an empty directory.

the connection is SMB
I can open the file with a text-editor edit it and save it again. But RNB does not do that.

Jaap (ubuntu-fc) said : #3

Hi Jendrik, thanks for your answer.
did try another porcess.

open a file on network,
edit and try to save.
error message ( cannot copy the error message , why o why those error messages you cannot copy?? )
error: The Journal could not be saved.
you might want to check your permissions on the file system or your interet connection for ssh and ftp saving. do you want to selct a new locatio for the journal?

RNB did not remember my name and password for network?
does not ask for name and password for network location.

Best Jendrik Seipp (jendrikseipp) said : #4

The "Save As" feature is only meant for moving journals to a new
location. You'll have to manually move the month files to their desired
location and then use "Open" on both computers. Be sure *not* to edit
the same month simultaneously on both ends though.

Jaap (ubuntu-fc) said : #5

Thanks Jendrik Seipp, that solved my question.