Change title size level for dates and tag title at export

Asked by Tobias Droese on 2017-07-27

Hello Forum

I am started to use this nice program seriously since two weeks. Everyday I explore more usefull things and how to setup tags in the right tag panel for my requirements. I use them as categories for many things like timetracker, todolist, telephon calls timetracker, hints and meeting timetracker. But the most important, I use NB as a logbook for my daily work for commissioning industrial plants, which I can export as PDF and send my company an update of the situation on site each day.
Now here comes an issue I cannot figure.
- Is it possible (and if yes, how) to change the size (title level) of the exporting $date$ and tag-title? They use as standard title level 1. I'd like to have level 2 or better level 3.

Any idea for an solution is apreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Best Jendrik Seipp (jendrikseipp) said : #1

This is not supported inside RedNotebook. You can either change
RedNotebook's source code or use some form of postprocessing on the HTML
output (and then let your browser print to PDF if desired).

Tobias Droese (drotob) said : #2

Hello Jendrik

Thanks for that suggestion. Due to I'm not a programmer the second solution is the way for me.
Even it is a little time-consuming, anyway this workaround is helping for the problem. Another benefit is, now I can insert page numbers, date and custom text in the page header or bottom line. Also the borders of the paper now resizeable, all this can be find in the print menu of Firefox. After "printing" to PDF the result looks a bit nicer than in RN PDF-Export.
Maybe somebody wants to know the procedure to change the size of the exporting tag-title, as Jendrik mentioned:
Just export your journal as Html and open the generated file with a text editor, or office programm. Then do a replace search and automaticly replace all "<h1>Tags</h1>" with the size you like, e.g. "<h4>Tags</h4>".
Save, open with a Web Browser and print to PDF.
That's it. With the date you can do the same.
Hope this helps somebody, like this forum helps me a lot already.


Tobias Droese (drotob) said : #3

Thanks Jendrik Seipp, that solved my question.