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Asked by pdofak on 2015-10-01

--On Windoze--
I like RNB. I use RNB daily as a journal. Everything was fine till one day I couldn't launch RNB. It would crash on launch. I thought things were normal the day prior but maybe not. Sleuthing brought me to a bad journal file. I would like to know what I did to corrupt it (or if it was me). And a better way to fix it other than what I had to do which was painfully copying text out of the file and pasting back into a new journal for that month.
If I drop this file into a working RNB data folder the program will quit on launch. Remove the file and it runs fine again.
I like RNB but if it's not reliable it's of little use to me. Hopefully it's an easy bug to mash. Hopefully the program could be made a little more robust so as to fix it's own files even if they are a bit out of sorts.
Got a minute to take a look at the corrupt file? Here are the contents pasted into this message:
(thanks for looking!)

3: {text: Huh. Plenty to catch up on I see...}
4: {text: 'Had a lookyloo at FS1 with Norm Godfrey and Jeff regarding the drainage
    problems around the facility. The conclusion was that we would get a linear footage
    for facility perimeter and call it 10'' wide and 6" deep and see what quantity
    we end up with as a starting point for money.


    Todd Winkle, FS3 OTL rejected the DS15-24 P&A L2TRA on grounds that too many things
    were wrong. The L2 would have you believe that this is a highly dangerous operation
    and likely to kill someone. Which of course is not true at all. And other problems
    with it as written too. It was super conservative to the point of not applying
    to this work.\\

    I managed to get Jeff in his office for a second meeting where we went through
    the whole thing to re rank the L2. Turns out it should have been an L1 in the
    first place. \\

    In the interest of doing this work the next day the L2 was changed to be appropriate
    and therefore approved on the spot.'}
5: {text: 'Did the DS15-24 P&A this am. It went very well thanks to everyone pitching
    in to make things better. \\

    We almost had a problem because the DSO thought the L2 said BP safety had to do
    the sniffs when in fact it says IA / BP Safety will sniff. A call to Todd sorted
    this out over the radio.\\

    We almost had another problem because the lifting ring wasn''t named in this operation.
    It totally needed to be mounted before digging so as to be safer. (Less height
    on a ladder.) A call to Todd sorted this out over the radio.\\


    - Night shift for moving excavator

    - Subsidence for loaning tools and moving barricades.

    - Josh. It looks really deluxe because Josh took the initiative to dress the slopes
    with a shovel while I was digging it. Everybody worked less!


    Sent "what''s up?" emails to BP Whitney and Grainger reps regarding vending machines.


6: {text: 'FS1 drainage estimate done and in Prejob packets. Sent to Tommie...\\

    Aaaaaand it''s approved and sent to Norm Godfrey 670 7954 Field Coord Full Field


7: {text: "From upstairs:\n\nAll,\n\nAttached is the form that is to be used for any
    future FRC orders. Some are still using the old FRC order forms, these forms will
    no longer be accepted. The new forms have information and comment section, these
    sections on the form must be completed prior to sending in to the Project Supervisor
    for approval. \n\nAlso, please forward this e-mail to your alternates. A lot of
    the time our alternates are not getting the same info that we get, so please forward
    on.\n\nIf you have any questions please contact me.\n\nTommie Shook\nAlt. Lucas
    Gogert\n\nsaved it in: V:\\OPS\\Infrastructure Roads Pads\\Excavation Crew Lead\\Ordering
    Tools\n\\\\\n[FRC Request Form.xls \"\"file:///V:\\OPS\\Infrastructure Roads Pads\\Excavation
    Crew Lead\\Ordering Tools\\FRC Request Form.xls\"\"]\n\n====================\nDS17
    ice road GDP submitted to Bell for locates.\n====================\nWent through
    the ppe cage and inventoried stuff to figure out what we need. Started working
    on a shopping cart on Jeff's login."}
8: {text: 'Placed an order for some vests, grippies, headlights, ibuprofen, AAs, 3x12s,
    and water. Printout in Ordered bin.


    Whitney from BP got back to me. Upcoming meeting with Grainger about vending machines


    So you made an Excel sheet for ordering groceries. Where the heck is it?


9: {text: 'Shot elevations at FS1 front snowramp utiliway, and culvert. There was
    some talk of water from the snow ramp coming back the to the facility through
    the utiliway. That''s not really possible but we have to show why before we can
    discuss/argue it.\\

    All in the FS1 Drainage PrePacket.


    Called Fastenal Nick 971 998 5452\\

    and Justin 985 291 0026\\

    about moving their machines out. They said they''d work on it.


10: {text: "Regarding shopping cart 1000678111, \\\\\nWe have most of it but don't
    know about a couple items.\n- Did you get the Engineers Hammers? (maybe they all
    went to trucks when they showed up?)\n- Do you know if we got the 1.5\" firehose?\n====================\nHad
    an online meeting with Whitney, Grainger agent Jeff, Jeff, and I about the vending
    machine roadmap. \\\\\nSent over a crew list and also did a ping test. 130ms typical.\\\\
    \nThey target 9-22 to have an agreement signed.\\\\\nVending Fastenal machines
    left today. Lockers remain.\n\n====================\n\nStill trying to get backbone
11: {text: 'Dave Smith, electrician, took a look at the Trimble Trailer for follow
    up on the heat (lack of) complaint. He said it is all working at this time. The
    two heaters are 3000 watts. He proposed replacing one of them (that is easy to
    change) to 4000 watts. This requires a different breaker too. He thinks he has
    a heater on hand. \\

    He also observed a gap in the door seal which thwarts any sort of heater.


    I keep taking steps forward but I also keep making tix for new issues because
    they still haven''t got it right. Still trying to get backbone working...


    Hey BTW, sorry if I forgot to mention this:\\

    Computer doesn''t like GoPro connected to it but if you pull the storage card,
    put it in a micro SD adapter, and put it in the printer''s card reader you can
    DL the footage to the computer. Just be sure to do it read only.


    Cross CPS off the list. Ramp rework was done long ago.\\

    Haven''t heard anything more on the Tarmac pad extension either.


    Would you know where a GDP for S pad 108 P&A would be? It would like to be back
    filled and they say we dug it.

13: {text: 'Did the DS15-24 P&A BF. Cleaned up the wood and other debris. Left it
    looking nice.


    Tried to get the Xpad crossings GDPs revisited. Field OTL said we didn''t need
    GDP since we weren''t digging. I tried to explain that the GDP was required throughout
    the job to the end but I wasn''t going to argue with him. \\

    He did ask that I see the Xpad DSO about X-19 subsidence. The wellhouse is sitting
    on the tree mounted hand rail. Add to the list...


    Jeff called from Campaign maint 659 4284. CI074 queens hwy crossing BF is canceled.
    They found problems.

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Jendrik Seipp (jendrikseipp) said : #1

Thanks for the report. Are you sure the file is complete? It is definitely mssing a closing } at the end. If you like you can send the file as-is to "jendrikseipp at web dot de".

As for reasosn for the corruption: Can you please check whether your hard drive is full? Did you notice anything special happen when you last shut down RedNotebook?

Jendrik Seipp (jendrikseipp) said : #2

Thanks for the info (sent privately). Hard to diagnose what went wrong during saving. I added some notes to RedNotebook's TODO list to investigate what could have gone wrong here. For now, I'd recommend making backups regularly.

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