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Asked by Geri Wyszynski on 2015-09-25

Three Questions:

1: In the configuration file are such settings as "dateTimeString=%A, %x %H:%M %p" Handy that's adjustable, thanks. The question is, what are the setting that _can be_ put in the config file that are not there. For example, something like: "dayTime=%H:%M". weekNumber= was not in the file, I read about it, and inserted it. I'm confident there are several others. Maybe you could share a list of them?

2. In the Template for making templates is a setting "$date$". I attempted to create a template with the heading ===$date$=== and do not get as stated "When a template is inserted, every occurrence of $date$ is converted to the current date. " I've tried all I can think of but always and only get $date%, not the inserted 'date'. What am I doing wrong? or How to I misunderstand this?

3. I know "timestamps" is considered solved in 179113. I've adjusted that to my liking in the config file. If there are other settingsLikethis= that can be adjusted like the "dayTime=" example above is it possible to link such things to hot keys? Ctrl-D appears to be linked to the dateTimeString in the config file. ... Ultimately I'm trying to find a way for someone a little motivated (like myself) to customize this (wonderful) thing some. As a work around I found AutoHotKey and a script to do a couple things I wanted but that's kind of involved to get something as simple as a time stamp.

Last, but absolutely not least. Thank you for your hard work on this project.

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Jendrik Seipp (jendrikseipp) said : #1

Thanks for your feedback, it is much appreciated!

1: The settings are added to the configuration "on demand", i.e. when
the program requests their value. As such, once you've used the program
once (and opened the preferences dialog), I guess, all settings will be
in the configuration file. BTW, "weekNumbers" should definitely be in
your configuration if you're using a recent RedNotebook version, since
it is read at startup. Most configuration values that are meant for user
editing will eventually make their way into the graphical preferences
window. If you still need a list of values, try searching for
"'weekNumbers')" etc. in the source code.

2: Works as expected for me. Maybe try using a newer RedNotebook version?

3: There is a list of shortcuts in the help document (Ctrl+H), which I
just extended with more shortcuts. For now, I'd recommend grabbing the
latest RedNotebook version and reading through the menus in the main
menu bar, which has all the shortcuts.

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