Is there no way to indent a paragraph without bolding the first line?

Asked by Chris on 2015-07-19

I would like to be able to indent sections of text without bolding the first line. I understand that using the tab key sets text apart as a block quote, which would be fine if it wouldn't format the first line differently than the rest.

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Jendrik Seipp (jendrikseipp) said : #1

I'm sorry, using tabs is problematic if you don't want quotes... The
simplest solution is to use spaces instead of tabs. Not a very good
solution though.

Chris (ptak-christopher) said : #2

Thanks for the help. It seems that when I use spaces to indent, which would be just fine, they don't show up in the preview.

Jendrik Seipp (jendrikseipp) said : #3

Hmm, indents seem to be problematic in RedNotebook. But I guess they are
for any markup language. The only construct that properly supports
indentation is a list.

kentfx (kentfx) said : #4

There is a way to indent paragraphs in RedNotebook, at least in the Preview mode. It's actually quite simple, though a bit peculiar.

In front of your FIRST paragraph, enter this, exactly as written. Note that beginning and ending are NOT double-quotes, they're two single-quotes:
''<font color="white">___</font>''

Highlight and copy it (Ctl-C ).

From this point on, just paste it (Ctl-P) at the start of each paragraph.

It doesn't work in the Edit mode, but is perfect in the Preview mode.

You can adjust the length of the indent by adding to or shortening the underline.

Best kentfx (kentfx) said : #5

A quick append to the above solution: I wrote, "It doesn't work in the Edit mode..." Of course it does work in the Edit mode, it just doesn't show up right until you press the Preview button.

Chris (ptak-christopher) said : #6

Thanks- it's a bit frustrating that this isn't easier, but this will do in a pinch.