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Asked by Poomy on 2012-01-22

Hi, RedNotebook looks like a great app.

But how do you change the font?

The font you use on Windows is bizarre - it's blurry and hard to read, even when changing the size, and makes the application unusable. Why not use a standard font?

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Jendrik Seipp (jendrikseipp) said : #1

Thanks for the comment. Can you maybe post a screenshot? Do you mean the
edit or the preview mode? Which font would you recommend? Is it
installed on all Windows installations?

At the moment changing the font is not possible.

Iori Namekawa (y1t2y2z1) said : #2

+1 for font customization. Japanese font on windows seems a non-standard one. FYI, I'm using PortableApp version (1.5.0).

VF2NSR (vf2nsr) said : #3

FWIW I develop the portableapps version of Rednotebook, due to the many complaints about the length of time the program takes in reading the fonts from the host machine, I opted to give the program its on built in default fonts. I am not sure how this affects Japanese fonts.

Iori Namekawa (y1t2y2z1) said : #4

Thanks for the pointer. I love portableapps so thanks for packaging for that also! The problem is that Japanese characters in FreeSans are intermingled with Chinese fonts (namely the punctuation marks). I don't know any better unicode font to suggest though.
I noticed the version of FreeSans you packaged into PortableApps is from 2008. So, I replaced them with the latest version (May 3, 2012). But, this had no luck. I think I replaced all the font files I found (there are like three copies). Maybe I should give the regular version a try and see.

VF2NSR (vf2nsr) said : #5

I used the 2008 package as when the fix was created it was the only one available. If you wish please do try the regular version. I will look into updating to newer font file on next release. Also do you have the Portable apps platform running? IF so what font do you have it running in

Iori Namekawa (y1t2y2z1) said : #6

Hi, I tested the regular version but it did not change the situation on the same Win7 machine I was testing the portable version yesterday. But for my surprise, when I run the portable version on XP machine, it seems to have used the fonts that I have in PortableApps\\Data\Fonts. I have MEIRYOB.TTC and MSGOTHIC.TTF there. For some reason, on Win7 this is not the case. Any idea how to tell win7 to do the same as XP?? thanks!

Robert Shiplett (grshiplett) said : #7

I have written an applet that shows which Japanese fonts are available on a given PC ( Windows, linux, Mac ) but it requires the plugin for Curl from Tokyo's SCSK corp ( originally MIT Curl from the original Darpa W3C project at MIT ) but that plugin is VERY safe and secure.

I have not note app that allows me to both use kanji in a note title and in a note tag ( tag but not title in one of them ! )

What I need here is to be able to set to my chosen Japanese Unicode font for SELECTED text in a note AND to set the size.

For me, kanji without control of font size is useless ( non-Nihon reader of Japanese )

Can you help with this problem?

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