How can I systematically test RedNotebook?

Created by Jendrik Seipp on on 2012-05-25
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Jendrik Seipp on on 2012-05-25

This information has been provided by Rikard Edgren, a test specialist from Sweden.

Open Source Testing

At Let's Test conference, RedNotebook (together with Sikuli and CiviCRM) was suggested as an open source project where ambitious testers could collaborate and share their testing efforts and results.
The RedNotebook team is interested in bugs and enhancements, especially in the areas of usability and performance.
A handful of test charters are available below, and if you answer with what you tested and found, other testers can learn and collaborate.
Other ways to participate is to test what you want, and report or investigate bugs at
Questions or artifacts not fitting in this format can be sent to rikard.edgren atsign
Happy testing!

Test Charter 1: Test changes in the latest RedNotebook version

Test Charter 2: Usability heuristic evaluation

Test Charter 3: Performance investigation

Test Charter 4: Evaluate automation tool applicability

Test Charter 5: Platform compatibility

Test Charter 6: Save/Load

Test Charter 7: Test bug Advocacy