How to use RedNotebook for the daily work? [logging phone calls]

Created by MyOtheHedgeFox on on 2011-07-06

== This FAQ is a copypaste of a forum topic. ==

=== A question from leonpollak:

Hello, all.
After some study of the application (not sufficient, obviously), I should like to ask more experienced people about what is the best way to do my job:

I should like to use RN for the daily work, when I conduct the development and service of several projects.
This means that during the day I receive 5-7 phone calls, each may be for a different project. I should like to be able to log the call content for future references and to write down separately (as some kind of To-Do) what must be corrected/added in each project as the result of the call.

What is the best way to do this in RN?

=== The answer to this question was:

I beg your pardon in advance for sometimes being too hard to understand.

I guess that using RNB for this might be a bit too uncomfortable, since it's a daily journal.
The ability to quickly switch between a few journals would help, but it is not in the journal at the moment, so...

First of all:
Here is a "drawing" of the RNB interface window. (or: )

You can use one of the built-in templates in 1.1.6 to log all the phone calls. Just call up a required template using one of the big buttons above the main text field [zone (2) on the drawing], and it will be added automatically: you'll need only to fill it up.
If you don't have a template you need, you can create it easily: a template is just a block of text that is copypasted into your journal. =)

Since this is a daily journal rather than a "standard" computer diary (like MarsNotebook or The Guide), each day can have only one text entry attached to it, but this entry can be as large as you wish [zone (5)].
That means you will have to arrange your interview logs in time-sorted linear fashion. This might both help and hinder.

To log the important parts of the phone calls, you can use annotations [zones (3) and (6)]. Find a button called "New" in the zone (3), make a category called just like the project your phone call was about, and write down the important bit of information in a few words. It should then appear in the zone (6).
If you want to look through the bits of information you logged this way, use the Category search field. It's located in the zone (4), right under the calendar square. Search for a category, and all the bits of information will appear in zone (7), where you can sort them by date.
Later on, you can edit your bits of information to "cross them out": just go to the date to which it was assigned, double-click on the annotation you want to edit [zone (6)], and add "--" before and after the finished part (it should look like this: --deleted text-- ).

The problem is, it's a bit too makeshift and might become cluttered later on.