How can I insert special characters (similar to ALT+number)?

Created by Jendrik Seipp on on 2011-07-02
Last updated by:
Jendrik Seipp on on 2011-08-12

The ALT codes are not supported by GTK which RedNotebook uses. You may want to try the following similar method:

Type u while holding down Ctrl + Shift. Release the keys and type the unicode value for the character you want to add. Press Enter.

For example for ß you would type Ctrl + Shift + u, then 00df and Enter. You can find all unicode numbers here:

There are also some programs that help you insert special characters. A search on the internet should Gnome users who have access to the Gnome panel might like the Gnome Character Palette applet:

Installation: To add Character Palette to a panel, right-click on the panel, then choose Add to Panel. Select Character Palette in the Add to the panel dialog, then click OK.

Usage: Users can create custom collections (palettes) of frequently used special Unicode characters not found on their keyboard, in addition to the default palettes that are installed with the applet. A single mouse-click on the desired character loads it to the clipboard and pressing Ctrl+V inserts it at the cursor location in RedNotebook, or any other Gnome application one is using.