gconf file does not exist

Asked by Max Gardner on 2011-12-20

still trying to get this thing set up...going into gconf>apps>rhythmbox>plugins there is no file/folder for "fileorganizer". Any ideas?

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lachlan-00 (lachlan-00) said : #1

settings are managed in dconf-editor now. Rhythmbox and other gnome3 programs use this now. Gconf is being replaced.

This plugin also only uses the rhythmbox defaults. (ie doesn't have it's own settings)

Best lachlan-00 (lachlan-00) said : #2

Here are my settings from dvonf-editor:
(These are part of the official rhythmbox settings in dconf org.gnome.rhythmbox...)

layout-filename %an%tN - %tt
layout-path: %aa/(%ay) %at
library ['file:///home/user/music/albums', 'file:///home/user/music/new']
example output /home/user/music/albums/Obszön Geschöpf/(2003) Yell Of Fright/101 - Intro.mp3

And here's all the info from the readme file.


The output when running 'Organize Selection' is set from dconf-editor using default Rhythmbox settings:
 * org.gnome.rhythmbox.library/layout-filename (Is the filename for your output)
 * org.gnome.rhythmbox.library/layout-path (Is the folder path for your output)
 * org.gnome.rhythmbox.rhythmdb/locations (Is your library path)

Using these, your final output becomes:
 * library + layout-path + layout-filename

The Locations setting can actually be multiple locations, the first value is always taken by the plugin.

The Variables for layout_path and layout_filename follow the same values as rhythmbox:
 * %at -- album title
 * %aa -- album artist (Album artist will use track artist if it does not exist)
 * %aA -- album artist (lowercase)
 * %as -- album artist sortname
 * %aS -- album artist sortname (lowercase)
 * %ay -- album release year
 * %an -- album disc number
 * %aN -- album disc number, zero padded
 * %ag -- album genre
 * %aG -- album genre (lowercase)
 * %tn -- track number (i.e 8)
 * %tN -- track number, zero padded (i.e 08)
 * %tt -- track title
 * %ta -- track artist
 * %tA -- track artist (lowercase)

Variables not ported yet:
 * %ts -- track artist sortname
 * %tS -- track artist sortname (lowercase)


Fileorganizer will use the album artist tag which is a part of rhythmbox and replace the artist field. For example:
 * Path: /music/$artist/$year $album/$disc-$track - $title
 * Input: /music/new/spawn soundtrack/01 - filter & the crystal method - trip like i do.mp3
 * Set Album Artist to 'Various' in Rhythmbox.
 * Output: /music/Various/1997 Spawn/1-01 - Can't You (Trip Like I Do).mp3


The preferences window gives you the ability to switch features on or off. The 'Enabled' check boxes will obviously disable these features.

Log File:
 * Set the filename of the log file (stored in your home folder)

Import Cover Art
 * List of coverart filenames that if found are imported to the rhythmbox cover cache for that album

File/Folder Cleanup
 * If enabled, files within the same folder that aren't music files are moved as well

Remove Empty Folders
 * If the source folder is empty after moving, delete the folder

A lot of stuff but i hope this helps.

Max Gardner (gardner-max) said : #3

OK, that is all good to know. My question, I guess, is this:

I currently have all (~250gb) of my music organized by artist>album>[track no.] [track name] in a single music directory 'home/music'. I have a desktop folder for music that I've downloaded but have yet to copy into my library, for which I use a program like VLC to listen to. I'd like to configure rhythmbox so that when I decide to copy an album from this desktop folder into my actual library, all that I'll have to do is drop the album into rhythmbox and rhythmbox will create the appropriate folder/file-naming structure in my 'home/music' folder according to the organizational scheme specified by rhythmbox/fileorganizer. I don't necessarily NEED to have fileorganizer reorganize all of the music that is already in that 'home/music' folder, but its not a major problem if it has to. I definitely just don't want to end up with duplicates, though (not enough space on my hdd for that to happen anyways). I'm also not tied down to the folder/file-naming scheme already in use. I'd just like to set up a system that will be consistent moving forward. Can/will/does fileorganizer do that?


Max Gardner (gardner-max) said : #4

Thanks lachlan-00, that solved my question.