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Running RPD 0.9.9 on Linux Mint 19.3

The documentation for Session and Stored Numbers is not clear to me. My initial assumption was that Sessions consist of multiple photos so for a series of photos in a session, they'd all have the same Session number. Also, my initial assumption about Stored Numbers (I don't like that term, I'd like to suggest Photo Numbers) was that these would increment for each photo in a session and restart at "1" for each new Session number or, if Session number isn't being used, each day or actually, each new folder created by RPD (for example, if on the same day, you have different Job Code folders). Additionally, you could have Job Codes of "Studio Portraits", "Architectural" and "Weddings" whereby one day, you could take studio portraits from 9:00-9:30, 10:00-10:30 and 11:00-11:30, then architectural photos (real estate photos) at 1:00-2:00 and 3:00-4:00 and then a wedding at 7:00-9:00.

Given my suggestions above, the folder \Pictures\2020\01\31 would be structured as:

For the 3 studio sessions:
\Pictures\2020\01\31\Studio\Photo_sessn_01_0001.jpg, Photo_sessn_01_0002.jpg, Photo_sessn_01_0003.jpg, etc
\Pictures\2020\01\31\Studio\Photo_sessn_02_0001.jpg, Photo_sessn_02_0002.jpg, Photo_sessn_02_0003.jpg, etc
\Pictures\2020\01\31\Studio\Photo_sessn_03_0001.jpg, Photo_sessn_03_0002.jpg, Photo_sessn_03_0003.jpg, etc

For the 2 real estate sessions:
\Pictures\2020\01\31\Architecture\Photo_sessn_01_0001.jpg, Photo_sessn_01_0002.jpg, Photo_sessn_01_0003.jpg, etc
\Pictures\2020\01\31\Architecture\Photo_sessn_02_0001.jpg, Photo_sessn_02_0002.jpg, Photo_sessn_02_0003.jpg, etc

For the wedding session:
\Pictures\2020\01\31\Weddings\Photo_sessn_01_0001.jpg, Photo_sessn_01_0002.jpg, Photo_sessn_01_0003.jpg, etc

Also, what is a session? A different time block on a single day (that is already determined by the program and may be beneficial to use as a session) or is a different download time considered a session?

I ran into a problem the other day, because I didn't know the difference between Session and Stored numbers (as you can see, I'm still not clear) but I took a series of photos in the morning, within a time frame of 15 minutes so the time block appeared as just one block. I downloaded the photos using the Session number at the end and the filenaming added 001, 002, 003, etc as the session number which, given my initial assumption above, I didn't expect. I downloaded the photos, checked to make sure the download went properly (it did), then formatted the SD card. When I took photos in the evening, I expected the Session number to continue from the last number but no, it restarted with 001.

The examples above assume that Session would be maintained for a collection of photos taken within the same time block within the same job code. Maybe the program can't/shouldn't assume time blocks as sessions, maybe it should be download sessions. For example, the user could set the Job code (Studio), click on either a selection of photos or one (or more) time blocks, download and the program would assume that is a session. Once finished downloading those photos, click to select another group of photos (individually or by one or more time blocks), then download those and RPD would assign a new session number. Select a new Job Code, select another group of photos and download: a new Job Code is applied, Session number is reset to "1" because of the new Job Code, etc. Each time a new session number is set, the Stored (Photo) number is reset to "1".

I guess my question are: what is the purpose of sessions numbers, what is the purpose of stored numbers, why are session numbers reset with each new photo (maybe I wasn't using session numbers as they were intended, therefore, clarity on their purpose would have helped).

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Damon Lynch (dlynch3) said :

I have revised the online documentation to clarify the purpose of the sequence numbers. Sorry the documentation was not clearer previously.

Please understand that different users have different expectations and use cases regarding sequence numbers (and file renaming in general). For advanced use cases that go beyond the scope of the program, the best solution is to write and maintain your own software that will do precisely what you want.

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Julian Rickards (jrickards) said :

Yes, I appreciate that others have different methods. Many thanks for the update.