Existing downloaded files can be overwritten. Am I missing something?

Asked by Benoit Perron

First off, thank you for an AMAZING program! I've attempted to program something fwith similar features for ages but never managed to complete it (Thank you ADHD!)

I am about to consolidate all my digital pictures from about 2000 (2.1Megapixels!), something I have been wanting to do for about 17 years. In that time span I moved a few times, got married, got kids, changed computers, OSes and Linux distros an untold number of times and just made backups of backups of backups of everything! Now is the time to fanalli merge everything in a single spot!

In all of that mess I could have the same source photo in maybe 10 different directories, sometimes with different names. I have made a little toy simulation to get a feel for RapidPhotoDownloader and how to setup my naming structure and found a case where imagescan be overwritten. It is my understanding (perhaps wrong) that existing files will never be overwritten, that an error will be flagged or rhe copy will be skipped, or that a suffix can be added. Here is the use case:

Source path with a single photo: IMG_1234.CR2
Run RPD to copy the picture in specified directory.
rename original file as BEACH_PHOTO.CR2 to simulate having a copy of the photo under a different name.
Run RPD to copy the picture in specified directory.
To verify that the file that was downloaded the first time is overwritten, we can check the timestamp or even change it to ReadOnly, in which case RPD will issue an error 13 (Permission Denied)

I know that fo this case the images are exactly the same and I have not been able to locate any tool that would allow me to actually modify the original RAW data for testing...

So, is this behaviour normal and I am just missing some piece of the puzzle? Or should RPD never overwrite existing files? maybe raise a warning or do some sort of md5 comparison instead?

thank you for reading until this line.

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Best Damon Lynch (dlynch3) said :

Please consult the online documentation: http://damonlynch.net/rapid/documentation/#errorhandlingpreferences

That should answer your question. If anything is still unclear, then let me know.

Please also note that the program is not designed to download edited files, and I do not recommend it for this purpose.

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Benoit Perron (benoitperron) said :

Thank you for an amazingly quick answer!

I looked again at the [Handling Image Naming Conflicts] section in the documentation and everything was exactly as I understood.
Then upon further inquiry, I realized that it is all user error (yeah, I know, what are the chances??)

I juste recently migrated from 0.4 to 0.9 and just now realized that the files that were overwritten were not the files but the destination folders !!! I haven't even touched the Rename tab yet and tought that I did while in the destination tab! Good thing I'm a software dev with 25 years of experience behind me :-)

Again, thank you for an amazing software and just amazing support! I will be checking out the code and hopefully maybe contribute a little something (if I.m not already disqualified!!)

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Benoit Perron (benoitperron) said :

Thanks Damon Lynch, that solved my question.