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Asked by Matthias Homann on 2010-07-31

This software is really great!

But one small thing I don't like is that the date and time of the downloaded pictures is not the original one but the one from the time of download. Is it possible to maintain the original date & time of the picture files from the camara?

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Matthias Homann
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Damon Lynch (dlynch3) said : #1

Thank you. Did you read the documentation:

Matthias Homann (palto) said : #2

I think you misunderstood my question. Sure I read the documentation and I have no problem with the file renaming, this works great. But if I download a photo the date and time of the file on my PC is not the same as from the source (which is usually the same as the EXIF date and time).

Sample: Source file is "IMG_4136.JPG" with file date "2010-05-30 21:14" which is the same as the EXIF date/time.
After download, it is correctly renamed to "2010-05-30_21-14-55_4136.JPG" but the date&time of the downloaded file is now the one of the download time, e.g. "2010-08-01 11:29".

If the date&time of the file is maintained, then I can see that the file has not yet been modified (date/time of the file is the same as in the file name).

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Damon Lynch (dlynch3) said : #3

Are you referring to the EXIF date and time being modified after the image is downloaded, or the file system date and time modified value?

Matthias Homann (palto) said : #4

I refer to the file system date and time. I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 with ext4 and NTFS file system.

Damon Lynch (dlynch3) said : #5

That sounds like a bug. Could you please file a bug report?

Matthias Homann (palto) said : #6