What is the status of quickly?

Asked by Alex French

Hi, I want to get started using quickly, and based on the Ubuntu Developer Week session, it seems like you're encouraging that... But I've also noticed that the project is realtively new, and it's being developed for release in karmic. I'm new to python programming and I'd like a pleasant experience, so I'm wondering if I should wait until release, or if quickly is stable and mature enough to start using now. A couple specific things I've noticed is that the dialog command seems broken, and the preferences dialog in the template doesn't work, though it's possible that I'm overlooking something important.

What are your thoughts and recommendations?


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Best Rick Spencer (rick-rickspencer3) said :

Hi Alex, thanks for looking at quickly. Please let us know what version you are currently using. Here are some answers:

1. Yes, we consider ready for using now. We don't expect significant changes between now and release of Karmic.
2. Please log a bug on the broken dialog command. We are currently not tracking any issues with it, and it worked fine for me two days ago. Or you can hop in #quickly on freenode and tell us what's up and we can help you troubleshoot.
3. Same for the preferences dialog, if you are using the latest quickly in Karmic Universe, that should work as well.

A couple of notes:
 * After issuing the dialog command, you need to write code to actually use the dialog somewhere.
 * The preferences dialog doesn't do too much by default, it's just wired up to desktopcouch for you. You need to use glade and write some code to display and change preferences.

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Alex French (grackle) said :

Ah, I realized that my problem with the dialog command was that I needed to provide it an argument. The traceback makes sense now, but it ought to have proper error checking. I'll file a bug for that.

As for the preferences dialog, I'm not sure what was going on before. I wasn't able to connect to desktopcouch, but now I am (I rebooted for a kernel upgrade, maybe the reboot helped?)

In any case, thanks for the help! Things are in better shape than I thought, and I'm feeling better about using Quickly now.

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Alex French (grackle) said :

Thanks Rick Spencer, that solved my question.

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Jerome Chabod (jerome-chabod) said :

Were can I find a list of available templates? Do they need to be installed separetly from quickly? Thanks.

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Rick Spencer (rick-rickspencer3) said :

There is only one template so far, that I know of .. ubuntu-project-template. If anyone produces other templates we will deliver them with quickly or they will installed separately depending on the template.