How to do multiwindow program in Quickly

Asked by Lolitha Ratnayake on 2012-08-06

Hey all,
I'm doing an open source video mixing software using Quickly and gstreamer. I need to open multiple windows (like in gimp). But when I did 'quickly add dialog' I can't do following things.
1) Created dialog behaves as child of existing window. So parent is inactive till child closes. Wan't to get rid of this.
2) Can't delete the buttons in bottom. I need a clean window.

I have tried adding mannualy and trying to load them by builder (May be I have done something wrong. Didn't work at all. I'm a newbie to glade and quickly).

Please point me a way to go. Thanks in advance!

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Didier Roche
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Best Didier Roche (didrocks) said : #1

Hey, thanks for using Quickly!

Indeed, quickly dialog is creating a modal dialog with some pre-existing buttons. It seems you want to create a new gtk window of itself.

For that, you will need to dig a little bit in the python gtk documentation. Here are some nice videos which gives you an introduction to it:
You will need to create such a window dynamically when you press a button for instance.

Hope that helps you ;)

Lolitha Ratnayake (lolitha88) said : #2

Hey Didier Roche,
Thank you very much! I'll check that videos. Thank you so much again! I'll let you know if I have any questions afterwards.

Lolitha Ratnayake (lolitha88) said : #3

Thanks Didier Roche, that solved my question.

Lolitha Ratnayake (lolitha88) said : #4

For people who will later review this question, Didier Roche gave me this link too. So posting it here hoping this might help you too. This is the way to load window from glade itself.

Ilya Flyamer (flyamer) said : #5

Hi all!
How about adding a
quickly add window
command, for Quickly to be quick in this situation? Those buttons in the bottom of a dialog are really annoying, if you don't need them...

Lolitha Ratnayake (lolitha88) said : #6

Good idea :-)

Ilya Flyamer (flyamer) said : #7

Prettry obvious idea, I think =)