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Asked by Alexandr on 2012-04-26

Thank you very much for Quickly!
I always wanted to program under linux, but linux developer tools were scaring (after vb), so I was very glad to find such a nice helper ide.

I have some questions about Quickly:
1) it's said on the and and that Quickly uses PyGTK on the other hand on is written:
"Friday 01 April 2011 by Rafael Villar Burke
PyGTK 2.24.0 has been released. This is a stable release supporting the GTK+ 2.24 API.
New users wishing to develop Python applications using GTK+ are recommended to use the GObject-Introspection features available in PyGObject.
Existing authors of PyGTK applications are also recommended to port their applications to PyGObject to take advantage of new features appearing in GTK-3 and beyond. More information on PyGObject and GObject-Introspection can be found at"
Does it mean Quickly uses deprecated pygtk and no gtk3? Sorry for the noob question. There are also some questions regarding this on askubuntu and even on forums:

2) here is the link to the post! So I understood that latest release is almost 3 years old...

3) Will Quickly applications run on windows?

4) Shouldn't Quickly be relocated in main and not in universe?

Best regards!

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Best Michael Terry (mterry) said : #1

1) Quickly 12.04 (released along with Ubuntu 12.04 just today) supports GObject introspection and GTK+ 3.

2) That blog post is old. Not sure why the wiki points to it, but there have been regular releases of Quickly since then. Including one just this month.

3) Not sure? I mean, it would use Python and GTK+, which both should work in Windows. But it's not something we test or cater for.

4) It's not something that needs to ship on the CD or is especially supported by Canonical, so it doesn't need to be in main.

Alexandr (olexandr-dmitriev) said : #2

Thanks Michael Terry, that solved my question.

Alexandr (olexandr-dmitriev) said : #3

Thank you very much for your answer and for a such great project!
It is a very good news that project is alive and developing! I hope I could at last learn python and gui programming under linux!