Quickly Widgets Not in Dependencies

Asked by E. E. Perry

In the program I built, I use the line:

from quickly import prompts

The program works fine on my development machine. I can package it, and it works! But.. if I package it and move it to another machine, the program will not work. i run the program in debug mode using -vv and it tells me that it cannot import prompts. If I install quickly-widgets on the second machine, it works.

My question is: why doesn't it make quickly-widgets a dependency? and How can I solve this problem so quickly-widgets is imcluded in the package?

Thanks! Quickly is great.

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E. E. Perry
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E. E. Perry (elmerp) said :

I was able to force the dependency using

quickly configure dependency

but it almost seems like a bug. Quickly is great and it makes development very quick and easy, but I feel it should do better about including dependency written in the code.


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E. E. Perry (elmerp) said :

Whoops a typo there it should read

quickly configure dependencies


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Tony Byrne (tony-badwolf) said :

Hi Elmer
 My understanding of the design of quickly is that your project explicitly does *not* depend on quickly, and by extension quickly-widgets. Quickly is based on templates, it creates a stand alone source tree for you to build your project. Using this concept you would copy some modules from quickly-widgets into your source tree. The advantage of this is that you could create a debian package importable into a non-ubuntu distribution e.g. debian itself.

 Of course, your source tree is not completely stand alone, it depends on python ,gtk but these are available in every compatible distribution.

The automatic dependency detection is in python-distutils-extra but I don't know how quickly-widgets is excluded from your project, possibly a default configuration setting somewhere ?

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E. E. Perry (elmerp) said :

Hey Tony,
Thanks for your answer. Yeah, I understand (and don't expect) quickly-widgets to be a dependency automatically, but as stated above, I imported quickly prompts in the code. So... somehow, the dependency was not made while packaging. I guess it is really no big deal since I can force the dependency. I'm wondering however, since the import doesn't mention quickly-widgets directly if that could be part of the problem. Perhaps, even, that the problem is not in quickly itself, but the disutils?

Anyway, this is not a nagging problem, since it is easily resolved, but think it needs to be documented so people are aware.

You make a good point about not using quickly-widgets if you plan for an app to be used in distributions other than Ubuntu.


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Rick Spencer (rick-rickspencer3) said :

This sounds like a packaging bug to me ...