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Asked by E. E. Perry on 2011-10-21

I have just upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 and discovered there are many changes in the template files for quickly. I have been able to figure most of them out, but have run into one that has me stumped. I'm trying to figure how I can use default preferences. I can change them and they are recorded in CouchDB but how do i access the changes.

I have done the following:
1. designed the preferences dialog in glade
2. created dictionary in __init__.main()
3. Set up the widget methods in Preferences.MyappDialog.py

Now, how to I get the default values to use them in my app?

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E. E. Perry (elmerp) said : #1

This video from Rick actually answered my question with a few changes.


I had to import the preferences module into myAppwindow.py:

from myApp_lib import preferences

Then I had to set up a preferences object:

preferences.connect("changed", self.on_preferences_changed)

Then I was able to use the preferences keys:


Not too bad. The files you need to edit are a little different that the video, but if you read in the comments of the PreferencesAppDialog.py, you will get instructions on where.

Quickly is awesome!