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I use Quickly 0.6.1 when I make a package with "quickly package" I get this error :

WARNING: the following files are not recognized by
WARNING: syntax errors in amir/ : invalid syntax (, line 22)

How to can I tell the Quickly where to copy these files or folder?
and Quickly detect wrong "invalid syntax " in line of file that is empty. for example in I have an empty line

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Michael Terry (mterry) said :

The invalid syntax issue may really be with the line right *above* 22. That is, it was expecting something on line 22 because line 21 didn't close all its parentheses.

For the files that aren't recognized, you may be interested in which is about how to specify files to be distriubted. DistUtilsExtra adds some extra 'magic' rules based on filenames and content, but I can't find good documentation for that.

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ha_60 (hadi60) said :

thanks for your answer

for invalid syntax: my script works fine without any problem before and after of packaging and when I remove this line, Quickly works without any warning

thanks for link to documentation

and an other question. Quickly find the translation file and copy them to /usr/share/locale but if I install this package on a system which has not this locale installed, it will not work and you must run "sudo locale-gen your_locale"
how can I add this command to post installation script ?

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Michael Terry (mterry) said :

You don't generally want to add that command to post installation scripts.

Locales are generated by installing Ubuntu language packs. If you install language-pack-fr, you'll have a French locale already. So if a user of your program wants to use French, they almost certainly will have already installed the French system language pack.

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ha_60 (hadi60) said :

yes that's right.
but in my country people use English for own operating system language (really I don't know why :D ) and wants to some programs (for example accounting software) use Persian language.
for this reason I add the feature to my software, to people can change the language in setting section of software. if they change the language to "fa_IR" and Persian language pack not installed my application will failed.
but if I simply run "sudo locale-gen fa_IR" my application works fine without any dependences to Persian language pack

thanks a lot

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ha_60 (hadi60) said :

I simply make a file "preinst" in debian folder and add my script to it