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Asked by augdawg09 on 2010-10-19

Hey all,

I have made a VERY basic Ruby template for Quickly. However, I am not sure where to put this file so that I can do:

quickly create Quickly-ruby newapp

and have Quickly make it.


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augdawg09 (augdawg09) said : #1

One more question.

Are there any places that I can go to read about how to write templates the real way for Quickly?

Didier Roche (didrocks) said : #2

Thanks for your interest in Quickly and help to make it better.

The current main information to create a template is unfortunately on my server blog post, which is down as I'm currently moving. He will be turned on in a month or so.

For your ruby template, you just need to copy the root template directory to ~/quickly-template and to ensure all your commands are executable.

The easiest way to get an example of custom template is to make $ quickly quickly ubuntu-application my-foo-template.

augdawg09 (augdawg09) said : #3

That's great news!

What is the URL of your website? I would like to go view that tutorial when it comes back online.

Thanks so much for your help!

augdawg09 (augdawg09) said : #4

Also, I just tried dropping my ruby template into the quickly-templates directory and then I did $ quickly create ruby-application firstruby but it said the template could not be found. Do I have to "register" it in the quickly source somewhere? (Shane Fagan's Quickly-vala template is in the quickly templates folder also and it works.)


Didier Roche (didrocks) said : #5

The url is the one you pointed before:

On the template side, do you have the create command either written or imported? Please have a look at either this template, or one you create with "$ quickly quickly ubuntu-application foo-template" and compare the content (there can be imported commands, or created ones).

augdawg09 (augdawg09) said : #6

Well, I was wondering if I coudl write some of the commands in Ruby because I'm better with Ruby than Bash. Also, how do I rename a Launchpad branch? I made a project for it in Launchpad but I accidentally made a typo when I was typing out the branch information and instead of being lp:~augdawg09/quickly-ruby/quickly-ruby it's lp:~augdawg09/qiuckly-ruby/quickly-ruby. Is there any way I can change that?

Didier Roche (didrocks) said : #7

You can have your commands in ruby, just make them executable in the root directory of the template.

About renaming a project launchpad branch, you should ask to the launchpad guys.

I can answer that one push to a new launchpad branch and delete the other one.

Didier Roche (didrocks) said : #9

the second item is a project, you can't rename project by yourself, it should be an existing project on launchpad. So the solution is to rename the project.

augdawg09 (augdawg09) said : #10


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> the second item is a project, you can't rename project by yourself, it
> should be an existing project on launchpad. So the solution is to rename
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Didier Roche (didrocks) said : #11

putting as solved then :)