Extent of AUTO_CLOSE_NO_ANSWER functionality

Asked by Tyson McCarney


I am currently deploying quexs with my freepbx & asterisk 16 box.

I am noticing a new feature called AUTO_CLOSE_NO_ANSWER that will auto set asterisk hangup cases.

In the status.php file it looks to have a redirect for this autocode too, but as far as i can tell, this redirect happens on page load only. I want to make sure i'm not missing something related to this redirect so I wanted to confirm that this will only work if the user refreshes the page or the status iframe. I don't mind making a quick ajax polling for status to force a redirect without page refresh if that is the case.


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Adam Zammit (adamzammit) said :

Hi Tyson,

The status frame is set to automatically refresh every 5 seconds so it should pick up the auto close status and then close the case by updating the main frame.


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Tyson McCarney (tysonmcc) said :

Hi Adam, thanks for the quick reply.

My frame does not appear to be reloading every 5 seconds.

I currently have AUTO_CLOSE_NO_ANSWER set to true and i can see in the voip monitor that the case is getting its state set to 6 in the voip process, and the redirect works when i manually reload the page. The status shows as "No call" the entire time. When i added a quick interval to reload that frame every 2 seconds i could see the status updating and the redirect worked.

I tried to track down where in the code this reload logic is but i was unable to find it. Are you able to point me into the right direction of this so i can figure out why my frame reload is not working?

I am running version 2.2.6.



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Tyson McCarney (tysonmcc) said :

Hi Adam.

I found the page refresh logic and ultimately the config property that enables/disables it. Set to true and all is well.

Thanks for the help.