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Asked by Rob Brill on 2013-11-20

Hi all,

First, let me say thanks for all the hard work that has obviously gone into queXS. It's a neat little package and a great alternative to expensive CATI software that we can't afford.

I'm just getting started with queXS for our small research center, and have successfully gotten it up and working on a LAMP server (an ec2 instance running Ubuntu). I'm not using a VoIP server, our callers will just be dialing out. I'm not a super advanced user, but I've got enough experience to get this far without many problems.

I really only want to use queXS as our call logging software, and would love to have a setup that essentially what's in the slideshow for users ( All in all, I need something that will give numbers from our sample to the callers and allow them to record outcomes and schedule appointments, then give those appointments to callers who are working when they are scheduled. queXS seems ideal for this, it's just a bit unfamiliar still.

A few strange things are happening.

First, when I test out calling my sample, the time zone for the sample is set to Victoria/Australia. My own and all of my operator time zones are set to America/Chicago. I can't see where I should be able to change the time zone of the sample or of individual observations in the sample (all of mine should be America/Chicago). Is there a setting I'm missing or is that something that I need to adjust in a config file?

Second, even though my sample works (it gives me cases and lets me give them outcomes) and my user is assigned to the questionnaire, and the limesurvey instrument is assigned to the questionnaire, when the user is looking at the user page, the bottom half says "LimeSurvey The following surveys are available: No available surveys" I've checked and there is definitely a survey there, it's got a token table, and it's assigned to the user that I am logged in as. I can't figure out why it's not showing up.

A corollary to that question is the fact that I really don't need all of the power of LimeSurvey to do what I'm trying to do, I really just need the call logging functionality of queXS. Is there a way to get something like what's shown in the first slide of the slideshow for user training going? Or is that just a LimeSurvey? If so, I'd be eternally grateful to be provided with the queXML or other file that would let me set that up. The survey that I'm currently setting up just uses the "Radio Buttons" option to give callers the different {OUTCOME:x} choices and store them, but that's redundant, obviously.

Third, is there a way to log out of quexs when using httpd to log in? I sometimes want to switch between users for testing purposes and right now am stuck flushing my cache or opening an incognito window. I know this is a more general httpd question but I haven't had any luck finding an answer online.

Thank you so much, any responses are greatly appreciated by this low-budget researcher in Texas.

Rob Brill

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Best Adam Zammit (adamzammit) said : #1

Dear Rob,

The issue with timezones is the default needs to be set in the file. Replace:

define('DEFAULT_TIME_ZONE', 'Australia/Victoria');


define('DEFAULT_TIME_ZONE', 'America/Chicago');

You will then need to either re-import your sample, or use an SQL statement like this on the queXS database to change the timezone of existing records:

update `sample` set Time_zone_name = 'America/Chicago';

This also could be occurring because you didn't load the database/queXS_US.sql file after setting up the quexs.sql database. the queXS_US.sql file has timezone information based on US telephone area codes.

I'm not entirely sure what is happening with the Limesurvey instrument not showing up. But if you want the system just to show what is shown in the slide, use queXS to "Create a new questionnaire" and under "Respondent selection type" choose "Use basic respondent selection text (below)" - Then enter your introductory text in the "Respondent selection introduction" box.

For logging out, there isn't a standard way to do this, but you could try diverting the user to a URL that looks like this:

http://<email address hidden>/

Alternatively you could fake basic authentication by setting up something like apache's mod_auth_form ( but that could be a bid fiddly

I hope you are successful in using queXS for your project.

Adam Zammit

Rob Brill (robertbrill) said : #2

Thanks Adam Zammit, that solved my question.