How to set the qid in LimeSurvey

Asked by Cyril on 2018-02-20


I have a small question, I would like to know how do I set the qid when using LimeSurvey to make the questionnaire (queXML)? Is it possible to set the qid to be filled out by a user? As have the user to write the number and consider that the qid?

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Adam Zammit (adamzammit) said : #1

Hi Cyril,

I don't quite follow what you are trying to achieve with this - can you please give a more detailed explanation?


Cyril (thari69-gmail) said : #2

Hi Adam,

Small Clarification on a different note, is there any possibility of using an existing word file and using it to analyze after mapping the boxes?

Adam Zammit (adamzammit) said : #3

Can you please send through the existing file and I will see if it will be compatible.


Cyril (thari69-gmail) said : #4

Hi Adam,

Yeah sure. this is the PDF of the file. Hope you can let me know if it matches. I just photoshoped the bar code and page markers from a previous queXML generated file.

Adam Zammit (adamzammit) said : #5

Hi Cyril,

Yes something like that should work - but the printed copies must have the barcode and corner lines on them.


Cyril (thari69-gmail) said : #6

Hi Adam,

Do you think this banding file will work? I manually calculated the coordinates and matched them

Just to clarify, the order to use queXF is,
1. Upload the original file of the questionnaire
2. Upload Banding
3. Import the filled pages

Then what is the next step? Use the Assign to use to verify and ICR or export the unverified pages?

Adam Zammit (adamzammit) said : #7

See how you go with that Cyril.

That procedure is correct - you will need to assign that form to verifiers and then verify the pages.


Cyril (thari69-gmail) said : #8

Hi Adam,

I filled out 3 sample questionnaires then verified 2 and started the training. Does it take a long time to finish the training? Its been close to one hour and still says process 1 running.

Cyril (thari69-gmail) said : #9

Hi Adam, I think I figured out the issue. Whenever I try to run the ICR I get this error message

This is my XAMPP Installation I hope you can take a look at it and help out. I used the XAMPP which came with QueXF
(QueXF Folder contains the vanila version it came with and 1.19 is latest which worked without giving the nasty image out of bounds error)

Cyril (thari69-gmail) said : #10

this is the error I mentioned

Notice: imagecolorat() [function.imagecolorat]: 2163,3449 is out of bounds in C:\Users\cyril\Desktop\xampp\xampp\htdocs\forbidden\quexf-1.19.1\functions\functions.image.php on line 802

Adam Zammit (adamzammit) said : #11

Hi Cyril,

I haven't tested the ICR feature on Windows. It also looks like the configuration is not correctly pointing to the PHP executable - see the config.default.php file for details on this.


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