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Asked by Kolmar Kafran on 2018-08-16

I managed to understand all the XML thing. I correctly generated a PDF form on my self installled queXML, on a UbuntuServer machine, running on a VirtualBox. Now I need to print 126 form to interview 126 subjects for my master thesis. But it seems the queXF identifies only one form 0.o

Guys, the idea behind queXF is awesome, but it is so confusing. I need to interview 126 subject for my master thesis, I would like to use queXF but setup and use it is so time consuming =/. The way the software deployed right now is impracticable for academics which run solo =( does someone know a alternative software which could help me on my interview process?


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Adam Zammit (adamzammit) said : #1

Hi Kolmar,

Some of the terminology in queXF isn't ideal.

Once you have generated your form, you would print it 126 times to interview your 126 subjects.

in queXF - you would go to "Import a new form from a PDF file" - this is where you load the "template" - the original PDF and banding XML produced by queXML.

Then you would have your forms filled in by the subjects.

You then scan each form to a PDF file (one PDF file per form/questionnaire , can have multiple pages.). In your case there should be 126 PDF files.

You then upload the forms to queXF

Then you run "Import a directory of PDF files" which should point to the uploaded directory where the 126 scanned PDFs are.

You then assign an operator to the form template.

Then you visit the verify page, and verify all the forms to enter in any data that could not be automatically processed.

I hope that helps.

There are alternatives around - have a look at


Kolmar Kafran (kafran) said : #2

Hi Adam, thank you for your time answering this. After a few days tinkering with queXF, yesterday I discovered how the forms works =). I'm not getting good results, I think its better to scan the form and manually band it? I'm gonna do a few more tests.

I had a look at SDAPS, it is not easy to use either =(

I saw queXF has a Docker image. Is it easier to deploy? I never used Docker.

Do you suggest any free host to put queXF to run? Maybe I can get it running on AWS for a few cents...

Adam Zammit (adamzammit) said : #3

Can you please give some more detail about "not getting good results"?

Yes the docker image is quite easy to deploy.

You could run it on the free tier of AWS without difficulty.

Kolmar Kafran (kafran) said : #4

Some marks are not recognized. It feels decentralized on the Verify operation. Also, is it possible to get better image quality? It is hard to read some characters.

Adam Zammit (adamzammit) said : #5

Please ensure you scanned the page as 300DPI in greyscale.

If the page is not being correctly aligned, confirm the page setup function for that form, and also use the "Test form compatibility" function with the scanned page to see if it is being detected correctly

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