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Asked by Severin on 2016-10-24


I'm using QueXF to import filled out forms that were generated with LimeSurvey. I have lot of matrix questions (e.g. 5 answers from "very good" to "very bad") and a few questions to it. In each row there should be one answer.
This all works fine and the layout in the printed form is also ok.

My problem is, that I can't figure out, how to detect errors in such a filled out form.
If for example the users makes an error during filling out the form, he will just cross out his mark and tick the right one in the same row. Now I have two marks in a row, that would be an error.
QueXF will import the data fine, but I won't get any information, that there are two marks in a row. It will just select one of the marks (it can't determine which tick is the right one).

If I would get both answers I could figure out such errors in SPSS (or Excel), but I don't get that sort of info.

Multiple choice would give this data (because it gives me all the marked answers), but I cannot use this, because I can't format it into a matrix.

Is there a way to find out such errors or is the intention that this is the verifiers job?

Thx in advance, Severin

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Adam Zammit (adamzammit) said : #1

Hi Severin,

When a question is set to single choice, it is the intention that verifiers decide what to do where multiple marks are selected. It will depend on your question, but usually our verifiers follow the rule of choosing the clear mark, and if there are two equally clear marks then to not select any.

The default design of queXF for mark recognition is to choose the box that has been marked, but not "scribbled" out. If there is a scribbled out box - then it won't select it by default. If there is uncertainty, it will make it available to a verifier to choose.


Adam Zammit (adamzammit) said : #3

Ok that makes things clear.Thanks a lot for that quick answer!
Best regards , Severin

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