Skip forward and next page commands do the same thing.

Asked by Suganthan on 2020-12-15

I have installed qpdfview on ubuntu 20.04. While I wish to move to the next page hitting the Space Bar the view is scrolled by screen length. Instead I would like to have the next page to be loaded from the top. The same is true when I attempt to move a page back. Also, when I press Home button to go to the first page, it does take me to the first page but not to the top of the first page.
Is this how qpdfview works or am I doing anything wrong?
Additional detail : My view is "Continuous" and "Trim Margin" is off. Even without the view being Continuous, I face the same issue.

Thanks in advance.

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Adam Reichold (adamreichold) said : #1

Hello Suganthan,

you do indeed seem to describe the intended behavior even though skip forward and next page do not do the same thing. The first/previous/next/last page commands skip to the desired page, but at the same position relative to the page as with the current page, i.e. if you are at the middle of page 5 and go to the first page, you will end up on the middle of the first page. Skip forward/backward on the other hand will move the current view by a single screen thereby likely changing the position relative to the page itself.

We hand long discussions when that behavior was implemented and I can understand that it might not be everyone's favorite way of doing this. IIRC, this way was chosen as it works best for multi-column layouts and so on.

It should be possible to make this configurable, i.e. always jump the beginning of a page when using the first/previous/next/last page commands.

Best regards,

Adam Reichold (adamreichold) said : #2

Hello again,

could you give trunk revision 2109 a try and uncheck the "Relative jumps" check box on the "Behaviour" tab of the settings dialog? You can for example install the dailydebs [1] via the PPA at [2] when they have finished building.

Best regards,



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