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Asked by TBeholder on 2018-04-12

qpdfview is great for reading/reference purpose (as opposed to quick viewing) without being cumbersome in the way some "library based" e-book readers are.

Per question #221717, a separate tabs table for keeping "sessions" would be great.
But also, it would be great if qpdfview could keep several bookmark + per-file databases too, named and completely independent. Perhaps either integrated or associated by name with the default "session" tabs table, i.e. just like database is now, but allowing to switch between them; the bases could be discovered in the default database path (or a list of paths in config, to support removable devices), or added and selected via command line. One for work, one for books, one for your favorite RPG, that sort of thing. Having documents for different purpose listed in different bases could immediately improve several areas, from reducing bookmark clutter to greater portability between computers.
The latter could be also improved by adding separate sets of associated base paths, relative to which the files recorded in the database are supposed to be located (even if those are from repositories, different distros sometimes place things in different places). Also, this would make it easier to move stuff around (e.g. from ".../downloaded" to ".../archive").
But even switching between databases alone could help a lot.

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Adam Reichold (adamreichold) said : #2

Hello TBeholder,

sorry for getting back to you so late! I am seeing several distinct features here:
- per-instance bookmarks and per-file settings as with the tabs table, so that instances as defined via --instance or --choose-instance do not share those entities (this could be done completely by extending the existing database schema)
- store relative paths in those database tables which are then resolved w.r.t. some configurable root directory to simplify roaming setups (this could be done using the existing schema by extending the configuration, but would need some compatibility work as we are currently storing absolute file paths)
- have the database file somewhere else than the default data location which should already be possible by setting the XDG_DATA_HOME environment variable so that qpdfview searches there instead of in ~/.local/share.

If I understood you correctly, I would encourage to open a wishlist bug report for those of the above that would best support your use case.

Best regards,

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