one document per window mode?

Asked by Yury on 2017-08-15

Is there a configuration option, or a command-line switch or at least a build time option in which qpdfview would open only one document per window? Couldn't find anything of the sort in version 0.4.16.

I routinely work with several pdf e-docs open. When using evince, okular, etc., I'm switching between the respective windows with my (linux xorg) window manager, doing it 'in one move'. When opening e-docs in qpdfview, I have to do TWO moves: first switch to the qpdfview window, next select the tab.

Another corollary of opening everything in one window: text search operates on ALL e-docs opened, which might get inconvenient and time-consuming, not to mention confusing -- e.g. when one (big) e-doc is being searched, and another e-doc is in the meantime opened. The interface gets confusing then -- do the results pertain to the 1st doc only? to both?

That said, I understand the rationale for making the tabbed interface, and can imagine the scenarios where that would be useful and handy. Only it definitely might get in the way.

Also, the search results are presented better than in evince/okular/... generation of pdf viewers. Might benefit from adding page numbers.


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Best Adam Reichold (adamreichold) said : #1

Hello Yuri,

there is no such thing as a window-per-document mode, but the default launcher/desktop file shipped with qpdfview uses the "--unqiue" command line flag to put every externally opened document in the same window. However, nothing prevents you from removing that option or using the default launcher's "New window" desktop action to open an independent window.

Best regards, Adam.

P.S.: The search can be triggered to do both, search only the current tab or search all tabs. With the default search dock, the default is to search only the current tab (or all tabs by pressing Shift+Return in the search text field), whereas for the extended search dock, the default is to search all open tabs (or only the current tab by pressing Shift+Return in the search text field).

Yury (yury+t) said : #2

Thank you, Adam! Indeed it does, and my work just got quite a bit easier. ))

I can only wonder why didn't I notice the application working that way (one window per document w/o the '--unique') before, when I was learning it (version 0.4.10+ something). I've certainly read the manpage through, and remember hunting in the configuration options minutely. Ended using the '--unique' in my laucncher association (incorrectly, as it turns out; not the happiest semantic for the option, don't you think?).

I think in fact I've seen some option in configuration dialogs then, tantalisingly hinting at the possibility -- but having no desired effect, whether on or off.

I understand the search functionality 'inversion' in extended search dock (Shift+Return) isn't configurable? I'd definitely like to have the 'modified' return action to always perform in similar way (semantically; like, Shift+Return would always call the 'wide area search').

Yury (yury+t) said : #3

Thanks Adam Reichold, that solved my question.