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Asked by Francisco Murphy Pérez

I discovered qpdfview a few weeks ago and I really like but I have 2 questions...
Is it possible to print documents in both sides of the pages. ( Like a button that says print even pages or odd pages? )


Is it possible to print pages with less ink (I think the expression used is "draft mode")
(***Done*** in the "print" dialog, click on properties, then click on "advanced" tab, and finally double-click on the value column for "print quality")

btw I'm using Lubuntu 12.04

ps, I am not really sure if this is related to qpdfview or the hp-setup, but when I had evince I remember that I could use the even/odd pages button.

Thanks anyway for qpdfview

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Adam Reichold (adamreichold) said :


Glad that you like the program. Options concerning print quality (or other printer- resp. driver-specific options) should be accessible via the properties section of the print dialog as you said.

However, the general options for printing are rather slim at the moment and this is a problem of qpdfview. We are using Qt's default printer setup dialog at the moment and I have not found a simple way to extend it yet. Therefore options like "page-set={even | odd}" (printing only even or odd pages) or "number-up=n" (printing several pages on the sides of each sheet) are not accessible yet. The only way to achieve this currently is using the "lp" command-line tool and pass the corresponding options.

I update this question as soon as I have decided on way to tackle this problem, hopefully by extended the default printer setup dialog.

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Adam Reichold (adamreichold) said :

I actually just found the method to add a custom tab to Qt's print dialog, so I'd say you can expect such an option for the next release, i.e. version 0.3.6. (I was not really well hidden, but I had too many other on my mind.)

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Benjamin Eltzner (b-eltzner) said :

That's great news! I haven't so far used qpdfview for printing, but I also found the standard dialogue quite limited.

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Adam Reichold (adamreichold) said :

If you feel comfortable with building the program from source, you can check out an initial implementation of some extended print options via the Bazaar branch "lp:~adamreichold/qpdfview/extendedprintoptions" resp. "".

This will probably hit trunk and hence the daily debs in about a week from now after version 0.3.5 is released.

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Adam Reichold (adamreichold) said :

This has just hit trunk and should arrive in the dailydebs soon.

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Francisco Murphy Pérez (murpholinox) said :

works perfect on lubuntu 1204

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thinkpad (fellowsgarden) said :

if its's ok to add to this "solved" thread: given that for me (and, I'd hazard to guess, for most users out there) print settings are pretty much constant over time, meaning that I'd have a standard print setting (long duplex) in say over 80 % of printouts, and only sometimes use sth more elaborate.

it would be fab, if there'd be (or is there already?) a way to save the standard printing settings (which is recognized by qpdfview of course - the ubuntu printing preference settings for instance aren't).

any thoughts on this one?

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Adam Reichold (adamreichold) said :

It is not possible yet, but I just added the necessary fields to the configuration file in the future branch (the changes are a bit too much since we are currently stabilizing for the release of 0.4.1) available at "".

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thinkpad (fellowsgarden) said :

Hitherto, I'd mostly use acroread (qpdfview is already my new default ! ) for pdf-viewing, but for serious printing I'd use Evince.

What's the rationale behind using "Qt's default printer setup dialog at the moment", when there seem to be open-source alternative (and superior ? ) printing solutions already available out there?

Is it because "It uses Poppler for PDF support, libspectre for PS support, DjVuLibre for DjVu support, CUPS for printing support and the Qt toolkit for its interface", and that would not be compatible with the GNOME / Evince printing solution?

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Adam Reichold (adamreichold) said :

Correct, using GNOME's or KDE's printing functionality would introduce dependencies on their frameworks which exactly what qpdfview tries to avoid.