What should I do when finding probrem in development version?

Asked by IWATA Hidetaka

I found a probrem in current development version(0.17.0dev)
This is only in qbzr-0.17.0dev, qbzr-0.16.0 works right.

Should I report bug to launchpad even if it does not impact to released version?

-- Problem detail --
qrevert crashes when reverting changes by 'merge --uncommitted'.

To reproduce:
> bzr init A
> bzr branch A B
> cd A
> echo foo > foo.txt
> bzr add
> cd ../B
> bzr merge --uncommitted
> bzr qrevert

Traceback is:
> bzr: ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: pending_merges
> Traceback (most recent call last):
> File "./qbzr/lib/trace.py", line 291, in reports_exception_decorate
> return f(*args, **kargs)
> File "./qbzr/lib/revert.py", line 163, in initial_load
> if self.initial_selected_list is None and not self.pending_merges:
> AttributeError: pending_merges

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IWATA Hidetaka
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Alexander Belchenko (bialix) said :

You should file a bug every time you get the problem. In the bug report always specify what version of QBzr you are using, and if you using trunk, then please specify tip revision number, i.e. what `bzr revno` says.

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IWATA Hidetaka (hid-iwata) said :

Thank you.
I reported this as Bug #483052.