qlog for shared repositories

Asked by Craig Hewetson

Is the following a valid/useful use case:

The user executes the qlog command within a shared repository. The shared repository has the following branches:

A graphical revision tree is displayed showing these branches side by side. With graphical representations on how changes are propagated to and from these branches. (The tree can look almost like the qlog output on a single branch except it displays multiple branches and their interactions.)

I can think of this being useful for visualizing the propagation of bug fixes throughout a product.

If this is a valid feature request then I will gladly propose it under "Bugs". (although I wished their was something called a "feature requests" in launchpad.)

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Alexander Belchenko (bialix) said :

Since 0.9.4 qlog is able to visualize history of all branches inside shared repository in one view. Run bzr qlog path/to/repo.
Does it what you asking?

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Craig Hewetson (craighewetson-deactivatedaccount) said :

Ok, wow! ... I'm impressed.
Sorry I should have tested my example a bit more on my side before asking the question.