Rename Ukrainian capital to Kyiv

Asked by Babets Daria on 2019-11-11

Hello, Is it possible to rename Ukrainian capital? More detailed information about you can read here:


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Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #1

pytz is only packaging the tzdata from the IANA time zone database for use in python programs. If you want a change in the name of your capital city, then you should request that at the original source -

The IANA time zone database has the following comment for Ukraine:

# From Paul Eggert (2018-10-03):
# As is usual in tzdb, Ukrainian zones use the most common English spellings.
# For example, tzdb uses Europe/Kiev, as "Kiev" is the most common spelling in
# English for Ukraine's capital, even though it is certainly wrong as a
# transliteration of the Ukrainian "Київ". This is similar to tzdb's use of
# Europe/Prague, which is certainly wrong as a transliteration of the Czech
# "Praha". ("Kiev" came from old Slavic via Russian to English, and "Prague"
# came from old Slavic via French to English, so the two cases have something
# in common.) Admittedly English-language spelling of Ukrainian names is
# controversial, and some day "Kyiv" may become substantially more popular in
# English; in the meantime, stick with the traditional English "Kiev" as that
# means less disruption for our users.

Babets Daria (babetsdasha) said : #2

Ok, got it. Thanks for answer