does Pys60 compile also for v2 devices?

Asked by jadthebest on 2009-09-24

I don't know if I should have figured this easily from some place, but till now I am not sure if Pys60 CE compiles also for v2 devices. The whole instructions on the internet are for v3 devices! But there could be a possibility that it does work for v2 also, just as the Nokia distribution of Pys60 works for v2.

Thanks a lot

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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #1

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jadthebest (jadthebest) said : #2

I am still not sure if it is possible to compile PYS60CE on v2 and it is important for me, since I would like my application to run also on v2.

thanks a lot

Jussi Toivola (jussi-toivola) said : #3

Unfortunately, only 3rd ed and later are supported. This is mostly because scons-symbian does not support 2nd ed.

jadthebest (jadthebest) said : #4

Thanks a lot for ur reply...

But I would like to ask another related thing: is it very hard if I would try to perform the compilation steps in normal packaging and mmp format. Build on the ones presented by Nokia for compilation of their code but instead change the steps according to the recipe you are following using scons...

v2 devices are important for our company, if my application will not work on v2 using python, I would have to re-write the whole code using Symbian C++ which is not an easy task...

Waiting for ur advice...

Jussi Toivola (jussi-toivola) said : #5

Not impossible, but I see no easy solution. If you know exactly the configuration of extensions you'll need, I'd say the easiest for you is to try to create mmps for the extensions manually. What you need is to create static libraries out of the extensions and link them with the python core modules to form the python.dll. And then create a pkg, which includes the .py files of the extensions. The scons scripts do this stuff automatically. Resources are also renamed so you'll have to do that as well to avoid conflicts.

scons-symbian can export an mmp file. You could try that, but you'll have to modify the SymbianProgram statements in the SConstruct to export an mmp and enable it with mmpexport=true command line parameter. The MMP output may not be perfect either but you might get something to start with faster this way.

Another solution is to try to add armi\thumb support to scons-symbian. What it basically requires is to check what abld outputs in verbose mode and make scons do the same. But it will most definitely require PyS60 CE build script modification as well to get the 2nd ed supported.

Good luck :)

jadthebest (jadthebest) said : #6

Ok, thanks I will see what happens with me.

jadthebest (jadthebest) said : #7

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