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Asked by Christophe Berger (bergerc) on 2008-12-20


I just discovered this project and was happy to see that some of my code is included.
May I help in involving in the project ?
I think some code need to be polished to be better integrated (elocation conflict with location module), may I involve ?

Some more general questions, I also discover Launchpad, how are you working ? It seems to be a bazaar repository, what's your commit/release process ?



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Hi Christophe!

Yes, elocation was a recent acquisition to the codebase - I think we might have been in touch with you regarding this or it least it was the plan.

We do not have a formal release process yet - we build unsigned SIS when we feel it's time for it. We just put things to work and see when things fall apart :)


Also our development is closely tied to Scons for Symbian project which is useful to build normal Symbian applications also.

Also we tend to hang at #pys60 on freenode


Thanks for this answer, no problem, I just wondered if I could help in anything...

I didn't know Sons, seems to be a nice tool, I'll look at it.
It's a good paper, I already know it.
I'll come on freenode, I already came but mainly last year.

This presentation was also useful for me at the beginning :

Python 2.5 core will be out before or after christmas eve. We might reorganize the build system a bit afterwards when we see what things Nokia has changed. It is openc based and synced to Python main branch, so porting stuff will be easier.

We really don't have any particular tasklist right now. Probably the best help would be making sure that there are necessary modules available in PyS60 CE and they work well. We'll see can we contribute some of the modules back to Nokia (e.g. replacing location with elocation in the main pys60 distribution).

We are open ended with the future. Let's have a chat and see what we can do if you have extra spirit and time :)