How do I install Pynagram?

Created by Umang Varma on on 2009-12-10
Last updated by:
Umang Varma on on 2011-06-16

Pynagram uses distutils to install. Installers for various operating systems and distributions are being made available.

    If you have Ubuntu, it is easy to install Pynagram.

    If you are using Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) or newer: Install pynagram from the Software Center.

    If you are using Ubuntu 10.04 or older:

    If you know how to add Software Sources
        Simply add the following to your software sources

            deb karmic main

        If you don't know how to add Software Sources (Recommended for standard users)
        Go to System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager. In Synaptic, go to Settings > Repositories > Other Sources > Add.


        You will be prompted to refresh your package information. After you refresh the information, find and check pynagram in the long list of packages, then click apply.


    If you are using another flavour of Linux, you should use the distutils METHOD outlined above (METHOD 3). However, you should not add the "--install-layout=deb" option. Please run only (use alternative METHOD of elevating privileges if you cannot sudo)

        $sudo python install

   This will not create a menu item. You can either run pynagram from the command-line (just run 'pynagram') or from the Alt+F2 dialog box. You can also create a launcher (shortcut). The command to launch the game is pynagram (not capitalized).


    Download the .exe file and install. It's now as simple as that!